About us:

We are a small group of people dedicated to rendering for mobile video games, always providing the best visual quality to the user and exceptional performance!

We started in 2018 to study the render in the Unity graphics engine, mainly in android, we started direct tests in 2019 on low-end devices, although this has been changing due to the rapid evolution of technology.

Throughout these years we have found a way to optimize many games for that platform, so we got to experiment with 120hz while preserving the highest possible quality, and that the flow of frames per second is the most stable for certain devices.

Some of our Games are not optimized for all devices.

Some of those who are trained for almost any device are

- Slenderman RE

- Siren Head The Project

- Becker Cat's Adventures

We also have a catalog for mid-range or higher devices such as:


- Chronicles Chapter 1: The Weeping Woman

-Jeff the Killer REborn

-Zombie Offroad

We love the rendering and visual quality!

and we want it to reach your hands!

Feel the power of our Renderings in your hands!

Becker Cat's Adventures

Becker Cat's Adventures 2