Afterlife: The Project

In this story you have the role of a scientist who must help the experiments with the "S" project and must be present to evaluate the behavior of this new biological weapon, but during the development he discovers its origin and some secret documents that talk about which threatens humanity, and you realize that project S was never really with them, but rather that it was even more confined all the time and almost no one was allowed to interact with the true project, go in and discover it!

Afterlife: The Sign

Afterlife The Sign, is a small demo to preview the events after Afterlife AUS in 2028 and before Afterlife Genowar in 2038, we are in the year 2032, where the launch of a signal to help the allies takes place. who plan to carry out the great war of liberation of humanity against the entities that planned everything from the beginning of time, and prepare the defenses before 2054.