Welcome to Becker Cat's Adventures 2, an exciting adventure starring intrepid cat Becker on his mission to save his world from a robotic invasion!

In Becker's peaceful world, the cat's peaceful life is interrupted when mysterious robots known as "scouts" invade his home. These robots, coming from an advanced and distant civilization, begin to explore and evaluate the Earth's terrain, wreaking chaos and destruction in their wake.
Curious by nature, Becker meets the scouts during one of their regular walks. However, their encounter soon turns into a fight for survival when the robots attack him mercilessly. Forced to defend himself, Becker realizes that facing these invaders will not be an easy task.

Determined to uncover the truth behind the invasion, Becker embarks on an epic adventure to unravel the mystery and expel the scouts from his world. With bravery and catlike cunning, Becker travels through dense forests, scorching deserts, and frozen tundras in search of clues that will lead him to the invaders' mothership.
Throughout his journey, Becker will face challenges and dangers, but he will also discover unexpected allies and powerful artifacts that will aid him in his mission. With each step he takes, Becker gets closer to his ultimate goal: returning the scouts to their mother ship and restoring peace to his world.

The Adventures of Becker the Cat are about to begin, and you can be part of this exciting story! Join us on Kickstarter and help make this incredible journey full of action, intrigue and mystery a reality. Support "Becker Cat's Adventures" today and be a part of history!

Furthermore, although we have estimated an initial investment that we consider necessary for the development of the game, we recognize the potential of being able to launch it on additional platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. If the invest initial  exceeds our expectations, we will work to expand the availability of the game to other platforms, including mobile platforms, in an optimal and well-optimized manner.

We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding as we face these challenges. With your help, we are committed to overcoming any obstacle that comes our way to creating a memorable and exciting game that will delight players around the world.

Thank you for support us!